cie.nomoreless / Ensemble

cie.nomoreless originated from Spuren, the dance production, in cooperation with Intakt e.V. and Sommerblut Kulturfestival e.V. and was part of the Sommerblut Festival 2016. The ensemble consists of semi-professional dancers of different ages, with and without disabilities.
Each dancer in the ensemble contributes different physical requirements, skills and qualities to the work. These different expressive possibilities on the part of each dancer are explored together in the artistic process and used artistically in the performances. Particularly given the different physical conditions and qualities involved, this permits a particularly rich performance in the context of contemporary dance. Visual habits are abandoned as fresh experiential spaces are opened up – for dancers and audience members alike.
For cie.nomoreless, it is important to reach out to different target groups and to present their working methods to a wide audience. Their activities include conducting dance workshops for different groups of people. Audio descriptions of their performances for people with visual impairments has been an integral part of the group’s work since 2017.

Gitta Roser

Artistic Director / Choreography

Has worked in Germany and internationally as a freelance choreographer, dancer/performer and dance instructor since the late 1990s.
In her work, she is interested in the uniqueness of the human being and his or her body in its respective cultural context. In her artistic execution, she finds the approaches taken to particular and individual capabilities, and the different qualities of movement specific to each person, particularly appealing and of use in expanding the context of contemporary dance. The mixed-abled work with the dance company DIN A 13 tanzcompany is a major focus of her artistic work. She has already led the troupe to a variety of countries (including Ghana, Brazil, Kenya, Senegal and Venezuela), where DIN A 13 tanzcompany developed artistic projects and launched new mixed-abled ensembles.
She has worked since 2008 as a performer at theater monteure, a theatre for children and teens, and can currently be seen as a dancer at Silke Z. resistdance. She has been a member of Barnes Crossing – Freiraum für TanzPerformanceKunst since 2014.
As a choreographer, she stages her own works primarily in the mixed-abled area. Working as choreographer and artistic director, in 2016 she staged the work Spuren, which was performed at the Sommerblut Festival. In 2017, this work resulted in the new Compagnie nomoreless under the artistic direction of Gitta Roser: a lay and semi-professional ensemble consisting of dancers of different ages, with and without physical particularities.

Caroline Asal-Radler

Instructor / Choreographic Collaborator / Dance

(born 1992) has been exploring various forms of dance and physical expression since her childhood. For her, improvisation means vitality, authenticity, confusion, shaking up thought structures and creating new perspectives.
In addition to her studies in cultural education, she has taken part in several dance productions on an organisational and artistic level. Since 2017, she has been working with an installation and action artist on performances in the public space.

Productions: Production Assistant / Dancer role on (2018), Choreographic Assistant: like paper (2019)

Christina Zajber

Instructor / Dance

Christina Zajber turned to the field of artistic creation as a result of her encounter with the ‘DIN A 13 tanzcompany’.
This was followed by other mixed-abled projects, including with ‘Projek Zukumpf’, the ‘Tanzmoto Dance Company’ and Niko von Glasow. Her interests include the realisation of artistic processes in their diversity and explorations of other forms of expression and possibilities. In the case of nomoreless, she particularly appreciates the group’s open-mindedness and impartiality. Dance is Christina Zajber’s great passion.

Productions: role on (2018), like paper (2019)

Claudia Jakobs-Neumeier


Born 1967, works as a freelance choreographer, dancer, dramatic advisor and coach for stage presence.
She studied elementary dance with Graziela Padilla at the German Sport University Cologne and went on to lead the Maja Lex Choreographic Workshop. After this, she worked with various choreographers – including Suna Göncü, Henrietta Horn, Eduard Pitkowski and Lalitya Anderson – and for many years was an ensemble member of the Maja Lex Dance Ensemble under the direction of Koni Hanft, with guest performances in Germany and abroad.
By commission of the Catholic Church, she choreographed ‘Suora Mystica’, a dance work dedicated to the life and work of Hildegard von Bingen. In 2017, she choreographed and danced a solo in the first night of Pentecost at the Church of St. Mary in Bonn. Since 2016, she has worked with Gitta Roser as a choreographer and stage-presence coach for cie.nomoreless.
‘I take great pleasure in working with the dancers to elaborate the true and the essential in every choreography.’

Alfred Quarshie


My name is Alfred. I am 39 years old. I come from Accra, Ghana. I love music and dance. I began my career with a professional dance performance in 2009. My first dance performance was in Accra. Later, I had solo performances in Germany, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Spain. Dance gives me a way to express my emotions and to use my body to tell stories about how I feel in different situations. The smile I see when people watch me dance is why I dance. Dancing as a person with a disability is a challenge and exciting.

Productions: like paper (2019)

Clara Osório Vilarinho


Born 19 October 1948 in Lisbon, Portugal. Childhood and youth in Luanda, Angola; Lisbon, Portugal; Norfolk, Virginia (USA); and London, UK. In Germany since 1968.
‘I’ve always danced – at home, alone, for myself. When I dance, I am free and happy; I can often forget pain, sadness, worries and physical impairments. I can feel how music flows through my body; the ground under my feet, warmth, trust, harmony with myself; I can let go and be carried away.’ Experience to date: 2015 ÜberLebensMut, since 2017 Theater Demenzionen.

Productions: Spuren (2016), role on (2018), like paper (2019)

Francisco Lara-González


Born 1966 in Seville, Spain. I work as a Spanish and French teacher in an international school (primary and secondary school) in Cologne and am a textbook author for Spanish.
I have always enjoyed dance and movement, and I would say that I am a child of the ‘disco Music’ generation. To further develop my dance and musical side, I have been doing Capoeira (a Brazilian fighting dance) for ten years, and I have been learning flamenco singing and dance for two years.
Working with the ensemble cie.nomoreless, I can continue to realise my fascination and enthusiasm for contemporary dance.

Productions: like paper (2019)

Hartmut Misgeld


I was born on 21 May 1941 in Cologne, graduated from secondary school in 1960 in Leverkusen and graduated from the University of Cologne with a degree in economics in 1975. I have two grown sons. Dance came into my life in 1990 and became important to me. It began with fitness classes, grew to include tango (Argentina) as well as African and Afro-Brazilian dance. I had experience with dance theatre, performance and acting and came to dance theatre in 2011. I have been working as a performer with the Tanztheater in Bonn (GO.OLD Senior Company Gudrun Wegener) for a long time. The productions have been invited to several dance festivals.
I love expressing myself with dance and performance, communicating and touching people’s feelings.

Productions: role on (2018), like paper (2019)

Henning Schulte


(Born 1979 in Bonn)

2003-07 Training as a performing artist in Cologne and Berlin
2008-17 Guest actor and, in my free time, as a helper at the inclusive Theater Rambazamba Ensemble, Berlin
Since 2018 recreational companion at Lebenshilfe Bonn

Productions: like paper (2019)

Jonas Kemper



For me, dance is an opportunity to use my body to communicate what lies beneath the surface. I have found dance through my love of music. Being born in Ethiopia, growing up in Germany and seeking my roots have been important to me. Discovering dance and theatre was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Productions: Spuren (2016), role on (2018)

Mechthild Kreuser


Born 1989, with cerebral palsy. Wheelchair user since 1998. ‘Dancing gives me a good way to balance out my everyday life, and even if rehearsals are late in the evening or at the weekend, I always feel good after a rehearsal. I think it’s brilliant to express myself artistically and discover new possibilities with my body.’

Productions: Spuren (2016), role on (2018), like paper (2019)

Stephanie Terbruggen


Born 1965 on the Lower Rhine. Sport scientist, feminist, family manager with chicken,
‘For me, dancing is a source of energy and freedom and a way to exist in the midst of life. The diverse possibilities of dance have accompanied me ever since my childhood, and I am always discovering new and exciting ways.’

Productions: Spuren (2016), role on (2018), like paper (2019)

Tuula Simon


Born 1985 in Stade
For me, dance is becoming permeable, the transition from the inside to the outside and the in-between. Realizing that dance does not have to be performance and can be art instead has given me greater freedom. I am in search of enthusiasm and dream of a world without speciesism and gender-binary thinking. I derive strength and inspiration in wind and waves, in music and in silence.

Productions: Spuren (2016), role on (2018), like paper (2019)

Caroline Skibinski

Production Manager

Cultural producer for dance/performance/theatre ensembles & artists; Master’s degree in cultural education & management; graduate dance instructor; Production Manager/Press Relations, among other things, for cie.nomoreless, Benedetta Reuter, MIRA, KASA Kollektiv, El Cuco Projekt

Tatjana Urban

Production Assistant

Bachelor’s degree in media sciences in conjunction with media management from the University of Cologne; trained as a clerk for audiovisual media; previous experience as a production assistant for Mediengruppe RTL, editorial assistant for Endemol Shine and licence marketing for SUPER RTL.

Raphael Spiegel


Festival management, project management in an artistically inclusive context, including for Sommerblut Festival, Inklusion und Kultur e.V., intakt e.V.; founder of tanzfaktur Köln.
Büro für Administration und Vermittlung – Kulturwirbel GbR